Principals Desk

Miss. Geeta Gambhir

Foundation of every nation is education. The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves. It is a continuous life long process and school is one of the most important components of this process. At Shishu Sadan, Pinangwan the task of guiding children towards their journey to adulthood is taken up with utmost seriousness through strategically and scientifically planned steps so that the students and parents relax and enjoy the process of becoming lifelong learners.

Our teaching methodology is student centred and designed to capture attention, interest & concentration. Each child has the potential to be the one who can make a difference. Given appropriate support, guidance and opportunity they can create magic that will astonish us. At Shishu Sadan, Pinangwan each child is provided with opportunity to realize his/her potential. Our children will be enabled to transform knowledge (what they know) and attitudes (what they feel and believe) into action (what to do and how to do). Our focus is on students acquiring precision in use of language, refined gentle manners, ability to appreciate culture, power and habit of reflection and efficiency to perform.

Education is about the total configuration of ideas, practices and conduct. Schools ought to be a breathing place, providing real meaning of life for students. We continuously strive to achieve this and get better and better every day in every way.

Shishu Sadan